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Featuring the “Tilt Technique” by Lotte Berk

Finally the original work of Lotte Berk is together in one place! Here you will discover all the relocations that generated the “Barre Trend” of today. There was only ONE Lotte Berk and in this Method you will find the specific moves she utilized to train the elite of London and America back in the day. Lotte’s daughter, Esther Fairfax still carries out AND teaches these exercises in their original form from her studio in England. The London Technique will change your body, slim your waist, and lift your bum! What girl wouldn’t want that? Lotte thought that whatever your shape may be, this technique of workout will make it more womanly, more svelte, and just make any clothing hang more beautifully on your frame. Once you dedicate yourself to this approach YOU WILL likewise discover this to be real!

We can’t wait on you to find out the fact utilizing moves such as the Pluto Snuffles, Hi Sailor, Waists, and No Escape! For many years many individuals have actually interpreted Lotte’s operate in their own method, however here you will find the work just as she intended it to be. The London Approach is here and with the help of the magnificent Esther Fairfax we are lastly providing credit where credit is due!